Professional Grooming Services in Oklahoma

Dog Getting Hair Brushed And Groomed

At Companion Animal Clinic regular pet grooming is just as essential to your pet's health and well being as medical and nutritional needs are.

Who wouldn't like a day of personal one-on-one pampering? Our talented professional pet groomers offer the latest in professional pet grooming services—everything from a puppy shampoo to standard and breed-specific haircuts...even pawdicures are part of our services!

Show dog or couch-loving kitty, our 4-legged clients feel just like a star when they leave after being groomed, looking and smelling wonderful. We use only salon quality hypoallergenic products, the latest in grooming equipment and lots of tender lovin' care.

Grooming Services

Pet Grooming Equipment
  • Pawdicures & Nail Trims
  • Special Needs
  • Talented & Experienced Grooming Professionals
  • Salon-Quality Grooming Products
  • Hand-Scissoring Techniques
  • Convenient Times
  • Attention To Ears, Eyes & Anals
before and after grooming

Theresa Acker, Pet Groomer and Stylist, has been in the grooming industry since the early 1970’s. Theresa began the business out of her home by cleaning, combing and clipping dogs on her kitchen table.

Theresa’s career may have began in her home but has since progressed to a grooming shop in Drumright, Dr. Frank Denny’s Veterinary Clinic in Drumright and now to Bartlesville’s own Companion Animal Clinic.

Theresa groomed at Dr. Denny’s Clinic for 16 years, and upon leaving left heartbroken pet owners searching for a new professional to care for their loved ones.

After checking references at her previous employer, Dr. Buller discovered that the only “problem” that Dr. Denny’s office had faced with Theresa is that she was no longer there to service their clients.

Theresa is an animal lover at heart and owns 14 Pomeranians and six Shelties that she “shows” regularly at trials and shows. She began showing dogs at a young age when her aunt brought home a tiny cardboard box with an even tinier Pomeranian puppy inside, and claimed him to be the next competitive champion. Theresa has produced many champions throughout the years, and has acquired many awards that equally express her passion.

Her love for animals is just one quality that makes Theresa a caring professional that customers feel comfortable leaving their pets with. Theresa has many years of experience and an elaborate knowledge of the field. She accepts all breeds from Dachshund to Alaskan Husky and is familiar with their individual cuts. From thick, course hair to thin, fine and poufy hair, Theresa customizes each cut to the animal’s needs. She provides a high-quality groom in a safe environment.